Order cuisine

The menu is same in all pubs of Šnekutis. Checkout by the bars. Be sure noticed the pub, where the order is taken.

  • Snacs
  • Soups
  • Hot dishes
  • Salats

Chronicles of Šnekutis

Šnekutis’s Birthday Is Celebrated During Every Fair of St. Casimir

On the eve of St. Casimir’s festival, merchants and craftsmen flood the centuries old Vilnius fair (also known as Kaziukas Fair), and the newest Šnekutis pub, located at St. Nicholas …

The Centenary of the Restoration of the Lithuanian State Celebrated in Šnekutis Pubs

On February 16th this year, on the occasion of the centenary of the restoration of the state of Lithuania, Šnekutis pubs invited one and all to celebrate together and to …

Šnekutis Pub Served the Largest Zeppelin Ever

To celebrate the World Zep Day, Šnekutis pubs threw a real feast! The mistress of Šnekutis cooked a cepelinas (zeppelin) the size of an American football, and weighing more than …