Business Lunch at Šnekutis Pubs

On weekdays and weekends, it’s so good to fortify oneself with Lithuanian dishes: real countryside treats, such as cold beet soup and sorrel soup or hotchpotch, zeppelins, steak, noblemen’s stew, or grilled sausages with sauerkraut. Or choose from grilled fish, chicken salad, Samogitian pancakes–also known as pancakes with meat filling, cured cheese pancakes and other delicacies!

Traditional Lithuanian rustic food will give you strength for the entire day and will endow you with the power to move mountains. Especially if you accompany it with the right beverages, from the Pasvalys region in particular.

All these goodies, including Lasagna (very popular), Danish pancakes, and Liulia kebabs, are served to workers and travelers in Šnekutis bar at St. Nichoals str. 15 in Vilnius Old Town, on every week day during lunch time. Visit us on Facebook to check out our business lunch menu.

Odrer traditional lithuanian cuisine from Šnekutis kitchen.


  1. Ok I wasn’t hungry but after looking at these photos I definitely am. You always amaze me with your creativity. Regards

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