Pub Šnekutis Polotsk str. 7A

The pub of real beer by Šnekutis is located in Užupis district on the hill of the sightseeing bank of Vilnelė river. The sign of Šnekutis is well seen from Polotsk street. Entrance is through wicket into yeard of porter brown wooden house.

Open dayly from 10 AM to 11  PM

Be sure accentuated our location - Polotsk str. 7A

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  1. Sveiki,

    sakykite, ar pas jus apsilankant reikalingas staliuko rezervavimas? ^ vyrukai atvyksta i Vilniu is Londono ir tiesiog nori pramogu. rado jus online ir pagalvojo, kad atrodote originaliai, autentiskai.

    prasau kuo greiciau man atrasyti. Aciu

  2. Malonu skaityti!

  3. It works very well for me

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