The Centenary of the Restoration of the Lithuanian State Celebrated in Šnekutis Pubs

On February 16th this year, on the occasion of the centenary of the restoration of the state of Lithuania, Šnekutis pubs invited one and all to celebrate together and to sample Lithuanian dishes: from humble cooked beans to refined baked ham and other tasty snacks of Lithuanian cuisine—all from the hands of the owner, Valentas. In all three Šnekutis pubs in Vilnius, the many guests merrily, happily, and loudly congratulated their state, sang folk songs and spoke musical Lithuanian language.

The festivities started at 2 p.m. with a lunch at the first Šnekutis pub, in Užupis, Polockas Street 7a. Dumplings, cooked peas and beans, ham, and other traditional Lithuanian dishes, having been carefully prepared by the mistress of Šnekutis, were served to the guests, massed closely together at the tables. Awed foreigners and seasoned Vilniutians alike thanked patron for the generous helpings.

After lunch, Valentas traveled to the second Šnekutis pub, located at St. Stephen Street 8. There, near the train station and next to the Egg sculpture by 4 p.m. no empty seats remained. The benches were moved closer to each other and everyone sat friendly, like one big Lithuanian family. At the outset, the music went missing, because the vinyl record player broke and there was no one and no time to fix it. Without pausing, Šnekutis staff poured beer, ran to the kitchen with empty plates, and smiled at the guests.

For dinner at 6 o’clock, Šnekutis invited everyone to St. Nicholas Street 15, where the newest pub is located. Here, the honorable guests, townsfolk, travelers and foreigners devoured baked ham, considered a dish of noblemen a hundred years ago, and fried cheese—a unique and delicious snack made only in Lithuania. The country band Vydraga (with Algirdas Klova) played Lithuanian folk music. The Lithuanian festive cheer brought everyone together in spirit (they were already sitting in one another’s laps).

“We have celebrated happily the 100th anniversary of the restoration of our state. The Lithuanian table has brought us together and inspired new tasks in the future. Let us appreciate our freedom and independence, let us love and respect Lithuania, our country and our lovely Vilnius, from the bottom of our hearts!”—thus Valentas spoke the universal sentiment.


  1. Aciu kad pakeliat nuotaika!

  2. Wonderful celebrating. After read your post in some pages, I hope someday I could come and try all the delicious dishes Šnekutis Pubs. Btw, did you share the recipes of your Zeppelin ? 🙂
    Keep success and serve delicious dishes for everyone. Regards

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