Šnekutis Pub Served the Largest Zeppelin Ever

To celebrate the World Zep Day, Šnekutis pubs threw a real feast! The mistress of Šnekutis cooked a cepelinas (zeppelin) the size of an American football, and weighing more than three and a half kilos.

Such big dumplings are very suitable for pre-gaming the Super Bowl, the annual championship of the National Football League. Each year the Super Bowl and World Zep Day take place on the first Sunday of February. The championship game begins late in the evening Lithuanian time, and those who gather in Šnekutis pubs have all day to talk about life. They do not have to stare at the TV.

As usual, mostly travelers, but also local youth and townsfolk enjoy their time in a traditional Lithuanian style pub with the owner of Šnekutis himself. Foreigners are surprised by the Lithuanian openness and joy, especially when they celebrate. Thus, cepelinai are real lure for tourists who wish to have a taste of the country!

This year cepelinai were in abundance. Plenty for everyone. There were even leftovers for after World Zep Day. While Americans fill their bellies watching the big game, afterward in Lithuania the second round of the Zep Day starts—the after-party, when everyone eats fried cepelinai.

It’s worth noting that cepelinai are always the right call in Šnekutis pubs. They are delicious and filling, and served with bacon and sour cream. They can be eaten daily, and ordered to go to share with friends.

With great respect and gratitude to the bright memory of the founder of the World Zep Day Juozas Vaičiūnas!



  1. Akys dziaugiosi skaityti!

  2. waww it’s the largest zeppelin ever, seems like snekutis a great place to come and have a try of largest zeppelin. hehe. How is the taste, is it wonderful ? I just wonder 🙂

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